Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blog Feature {Sarah-Beth Photography}

{Sarah and her cute little family}

I wanted my first blog feature to be my :favorite: photographer, our photographer! My friend Sarah is AH-mazing, and in such a short amount of time has become this *must have* photograper ! We have worked together doing boudoir sessions, with me in the background doing hair and make-up. I definitely think that is her thing! Make sure you check out her Facebook, and website. If you are local, I would HIGHLY recommend scheduling a session with her NOW (while she has available appointments for year) :)

"In March 2010, I purchased my first DSLR, a Nikon d60. Here I am, less than a year later with a busy photography business! I never ever ever would have foreseen the amazing support, encouragement and success less than a year later. I've since upgraded from the d60 to a Nikon d300, specializing in boudoir and family and children lifestyle photography in Indianapolis, Indiana.
I'm also a full time registered nurse, wife and mommy to three wonderful kiddos (Ethan is six, Harper is three and our little monkey, Maddox is 19 months). Since becoming a mother, photography has become more than just a hobby. I'm passionate about it. I love it, I love capturing every day moments, the "firsts" for my clients and *love* capturing life changing events through photography. It's truly truly an honor to be welcomed into lives the way I have been, and I feel so fortunate for this new job. It's weird, calling it a job. Because photography for me is anything but work. It's FUN. I love my clients, love the end result, love everything about it. Seriously. :)

Ashley was one of my first clients, and since has become more than just a client, but she's also a friend. Our businesses have grown from teeny little babies to big fat chubby success stories seemingly overnight, and I'm so excited to see where this venture takes her. Thanks, Ashley, SO much for featuring me here on your blog! xoxo

sarah-beth photography"


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