Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Inspire Print

Feel free to download and save this image for print or a desktop background (it is 8.5x11 inches, high quality 300dpi).  Do not claim as your own ;)  We all need good words in our lives to live by.  

xox Ashley

Sunday, February 10, 2013

FREE & FUN Valentine's Day card printables!

I know I am not the only mother who tries their hardest to avoid any type of candy, no matter the occasion!  My kids bounce off the walls, and I can't take it!  

I thought I would share my girls' Valentine's Day cards for their classmates this year with you!  I included the printable below, complete with cutting lines.  It is sized for standard computer paper size (8.5"x11") and prints 6 cards.  Cut each card and fold in half.  We stapled ours onto sandwich bags and included one cutie orange!  Cutie oranges are not only good to eat, but fun for kids!  ENJOY <3 

Just right click on this image and save to your computer :)  Then print!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Custom design? Yes, please!! *GIVEAWAY*

Happy New Year, friends!!!  I hope you all enjoyed so much deserved time off spent with your littles and families.  My girlies go back to school tomorrow and Thursday, and I am not ready!  We had so much fun soaking in family time this month.  Spring break can't come soon enough!

I tell my husband at least twice a week that I couldn't be any happier with my decision to do design exclusively!  Making the decision was so hard, and I was literally sick about it for a solid 3 days.  I wasn't happy with where I was with my business and I was feeling very overwhelmed being pulled in 2 opposite directions.  Props and design.  So, after laying around for 3 days throwing myself a pity party, I pulled up my big girl pants and basically cut out props.  I am in control of my business, and ultimately my happiness with it.  That being said, I can also give away free things whenever I want!!!  Muahah!!!

Who would like to win a custom design package from yours truly?!

There are going to 'requirements' for this giveaway, so to speak.  Now that I am settling into design, I have found my favorite platforms!  They have changed from suggestions to favorites!  I would love to be exclusive with a blog platform and a website platform, but I understand there may limitations for clients when it comes to this!  Design is design, across the board.  For me, it doesn't matter who your platform is because it's all in the same language and I can work with any platform.  These are the best I have worked with, and who doesn't want the best?!

I think you all know that I am mildly obsessed with Prophoto.  Talking hosting may be foreign to some, but Prophoto is a template for photographers.  It can only be used with a hosted Wordpress blog.  So you must have hosting to have a Prophoto...it's not a bundle deal.  You get your domain (hostgator, bluehost) then you get your hosting (Wordpress) then you purchase Prophoto!  A site hosted through Wordpress is a monthly cost, and the more you purchase at once the deeper the discount.  Hostgator offers a monthly subscription (that you can tie into paypal) at around $7 a month.  That is a nice option for those who may not want to budget in an upfront cost of hosting for 5 years.  Just so you know...you can get a discount of $10 off through me!  Click the Prophoto banner at the bottom of my website and it will automatically generate the code for you :)


Now, with the websites...that's a tricky one.  I really love Wix!  Now that I have been working with a different platform though, Showit is now my absolute, all-time fav-or-ite!!!!  It is also a 'free' site (see comparison chart).  It limits your media space to 30mb, and you can upgrade to the pro version for $39 a month with 10GB of media storage!  It plugs into Smugmug!  Which is a huge bonus, not to mention timesaver!  

Sorry, to ramble!!!  About that giveaway...

I would like to re-design your Prophoto blog!  Prophoto 4 is a REQUIREMENT to take advantage of this part of the giveaway!  AND I would also like to offer a custom Show-it website design as well!  Maybe you don't have either, but you have a business and need a logo?!  Well, go ahead and enter, because that is included in the package as well!!!!  I am basically going to meet your needs and give you a fresh brand!

Terms and Conditions:

The scheduled design date will be determined by me, but will be before March 1st, 2013.  The date cannot be changed and will only be scheduled according to Ashley, owner of Laynie and Belle.  If you win this giveaway and want to take full-advantage of it, then I suggest you purchase Prophoto if you haven't done so already!   If you are not interested in having a blog or website, then a logo it is :)  *Cannot be used towards purchased design packages*