Tuesday, August 9, 2011

baby brim

Got to share an amazing moment with a friend of mine Friday. The birth of her baby boy that she has tried for over 8 years to have. He is the most absolute sweet baby, and you could tell from the minute he was born. Jamie did amazing, and only pushed once! She said I could share these.

Brycen Kyle-Allen Brim
8/5/201|6:12 p.m.
6 lbs 5 ozs
20 inches


  1. Ash....AHHHHHamzing! Thank you so much for sharing and capturing this amazing time for our family! You captured the true meaning of this moment for us. We can't repay you, but know this gift you gave us will be the most treasured!!!

    Thank you - luvs from us all - The Brims

    Watch out people - Ash is bigger than just hair!

  2. Just thinking back to this day and thinking bout how very blessed we were to have you with us!! We <3 & miss u girl!!!!!

    Luvs the brim's