Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hair By : Laynie and Belle

For years I have been wanting to put SOMETHING together of my favorite hair products. Something for my clients to look at while I have them in my chair, or while they are processing. I just don't have the time!! I am not your typical stylist. I am all about what works, works. Right now, I have Suave clarifying shampoo in my shower...because it is a favorite. It always has been. It's a $1.whatever, because there is nothing special about it. It does what it is supposed to do, clarify. GREAT for getting the product off your hair, leaving it clean. You can probably even pick it up at your local dollar store. It is not something I would recommend for a daily use, especially if you have colored or chemically treated hair.

If your hair is colored or chemically treated, I would recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. They are even great for the client with the 'oily' type hair. Hard to get used to, but great. The shampoo does not lather like your regular shampoos, and you must work it into your hair. I like Everpure by Loreal, which can be bought at your local shopping centers. More on the higher end, an absolute favorite sulfate-free product line would be Pureology <3

Some of my favorite products come from TIGI. Within the last year they came out with s blow out balm that is great in every way. Apply on wet hair, and blow dry. Great for those frizzy e
nds and a finished smooth look. It is also a great heat protectant ****because if you are wondering WHY you have split ends, then your flat iron without a heat protectant is a culprit**** It's A 10 is also another GREAT product, that does basically, everything. It makes your hair shiny, protects your hair from elements, holds in your colors, it smells delish, detangles, protects it from the sun, improves elasticity, and mends split ends.

it's a 10 miracle leave-in product
If you battle with more frizz and unmanageable curl, or if you think your hair is so damaged to the point of no return, and your hair is on the thicker, medium-course texture. I recommend Moroccan Oil.
Moroccan OilDermOrganic Leave-In Treatment with Argan Oil, 8 fl. oz.
You can an order it online if you cannot find it local. If you are local, we carry it at the salon :) If you have all of this going on but your hair is on the thin-fine end, then I recommend DermOrganic's Argan Oil. It is a lot lighter, and does just what you need it to do for your locks.

If you dont' have time in the morning (like me 98% of the time) to do your hair then these products will never fail to come to your rescue!!! I recently found the Goody Spin Pins, and I am hooked. I have owned them now for a week, and I have worn one every.single.day. They are the best!!!!! 2nd day hair you can go with a hat, or you can go with this. Tresemme Dry Shampoo. All you do is spray at the roots, and fluff. Then you can pull it half up and put a spin pin in it :) You can thank me later!

Simple Styles Brunette Spin Hair Pin

My favorite6 finishing products would have to be Play Dirty by Sexy Hair. From short, to long layers, thick....thin. Finding your amount is the trick. It is great for giving you that textured look. Kenra's 26 (all made here locally) is such an ideal hairspray. It's a favorite by all stylists, and some TIGI Your Highness Shine Spray. It has a lavender vanilla smell, and gives your hair the perfect luster. You can use any of these separately, or together.
Product viewShort Sexy Hair Play Dirty Wax Master Dry Wax

Bangs are the new botox, so maybe change it up with some fringe if you have been wanting to try something new. Coppery reds are in as opposed to the berry reds that are fading out. Keratin Treatments are all the craze too!! Ask your stylist if they offer this service, because it may just be the best things (since the 80s perms) to get the look that is of today. If anyone has questions feel free to comment and ask! I am a licensed **active** in demand hair stylist, and I've worked with all hair types.


  1. My hair is very fine and any product I use for volume just fall flat in a couple hours. My hair is always flat and won't hold a curl for anything! What is something I can use for volume and texture? And do those spin pins work on above the shoulder length hair?

  2. Erin-I would get Kenra's Thickening Glaze. Apply wet, then blowdry. It will make your hair more able to style, and give it a thicker feel....it's definitely not to heavy. The spin pins work on any length of hair you can grab and wrap into a sort of bun...then you just spin it in place. They are fun to play with and figure out what is best for you.

  3. Pure Awesomeness!! Is that a word?? lol...