Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wooden plaques = fun picture frames!

So, I have been meaning to get this tutorial out for almost 2 weeks now!  I am so excited that I finally finished it for myself!  I am sooooo pleased with the results.  It is super easy, quick, and very inexpensive.

You will need:
wooden plaques in variable shapes and sizes
spray paint
sand paper
Mod Podge (I used the real stuff)
paint brush
fabric or ribbon

Visit your local hobby/craft store to find wooden plaques of all shapes and sizes.  They range from $.50 to around $15.00 for larger ones.  I bought wooden plaques big enough for 4x6 pictures that I did end up trimming a little.  I wanted to put 3 together to complete the look.

Start off by spray painting the plaques.  I chose complimentary colors purple, grey, and yellow.  Let the paint dry.

Then take sand paper, and rough up the edges to your liking.  Maybe you want them really distressed, or maybe not all?

You will then want to set your picture onto the plaque, and maybe trim some of the sides to fit into the frame more evenly.  Next, Mod Podge the whole frame.  Lay your picture onto the frame, and then you will Mod Podge over it. 

 You will want to use a nice paint brush to prevent bubbling from happening.  It only takes a thin coating.  Let your frames dry for 24 hours.  

You are now ready to secure the back with a piece of fabric or ribbon and you are done!!!!

 See, super easy, chic, modern, and a great forever lasting gift that anyone would want to have!

try stacking 2 different painted plaques onto each other for a dimensional look
instead of Mod Podging the picture onto the frame, you can glue a clip onto it to change out the pictures
buy smaller plaques and make them into Christmas Ornaments


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