Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Laynie and Belle designing...

Wow, wow, WOW!  Every single day my decision to focus on just design is justified by my clients, the e-mails, and the sweet encouraging words on Facebook!  I can't even begin to tell you how much less stressed I am and that I am just happy.  Happy with this new direction, happy with doing what I love to do, and happy to be making new friends!

I am completely self taught, but this isn't something new for me.  I have always been a nerd when it comes to computers-owning my first Apple when I was just 6 (23 years ago).  My grandpa and dad were into computers big time when I was growing up and always had the latest and greatest.  At one point my dad even tried to start what would be known now as your or  In the early 90s though...sponsorship from an unheard, not to mention unknown internet pretty much didn't work out!  I still learned a lot from him through the process!

Then came the myspace days...hahah!!  I was obsessed with having an awesome myspace, and that is where my coding skills sprouted.  That was in the HTML days, and now a majority of design is done with fancy schmancy CSS...which I am slowly but surely learning to master.

The design process starts with  the logo always.  Do I have to design your logo to work with me?, but that is where my style and your style flow together!  Designing anything off of someone's else's design can be tough sometimes.  So, yeah...I like to start with your logo!  I have a questionnaire that you fill out in DEPTH.  The more info, the better.  I draw up 3-5 concepts using my Photoshop Elements 10, CS3, or Illustrator.  I also use a Bamboo tablet, and a lot of my designs are completely hand-drawn.  As in I a free hand draw them.  Who knew?!   You are allowed up to 5 revisions, with further revisions being an additional charge, of which I can honestly say to date no one has incurred revision charges.  Once we have your logo down pat, then the rest of your design elements pretty much just come together.  My turnaround from being scheduled to logo concepts is about a week.  Finalizing on a logo can take up to 4 weeks.  Blog design, depending on your blog face can take 2-3 weeks, and web design is the same.  When it's all said and done up to 2 months, 1 month being pretty efficient.

The most crucial thing with custom design is constant contact with my clients.  I need information from you to design.  Whether it's pictures, revisions, a page section of your blog to plug in...etc.  This is where the time consumption comes into play!  I could probably turnaround a logo, blog, and web design in a day if I had my client sitting right next to me.  BUT with that being considered I am able to work with multiple people at once.  For clients that maybe aren't so punctual with getting back in touch with me...there will be my 'slow poke' fee that will be enforced ;)  Isn't that great?!  Hey, we all have to have rules to work, right?  Photographers, you know what it's like waiting on a client to get back with you about their gallery selections!  Time is money :)

The one thing that is making me twitch with all of this though is MY e-mail response time.  Holy horrible!  You can be rest assured that as a client, we are in constant contact whether it's phone, text, facebook messaging, or e-mail!  You have my full and complete attention.  So, I apologize in advance if I am the worst at getting back in touch with prospective clients "/  A lot of information can be found on my website though :) I did have an automatic reply, but then quickly realized...the room parents at my littlest's pre-k don't care, and neither does my oldest's teacher. Haha!  Hotmail's new dashboard is just ICK too.  If you have it, you know what I am talking about!

My recommendations for Blogs with the $30 upgrade to customize
    This is more for the photographer on a budget or just beginning OR maybe you just don't want it to be fancy.  Here are some example of blogs that I have designed using
A wordpress site hosted through your domain server, like or  Then you will want to purchase the Prophoto4 template!  I can't even tell you how awesome Prophoto is, because it just is...awesome!  Here are some examples of Prophoto sites/    not finished   not finished

I have used other blog faces other than my suggestions above, but they are easily my favorite to work with!

Website wise I prefer to work with with the premium upgrade!  It is mobile/tablet/iPad compatible, and had a fully functional facebook tab option :)!__website
You can also have a landing page with it as well like here

Here are some of my latest designs for logos!  As well as some revisions to almost final logos at the bottom!

My design prices can be found on my website!  I will be accepting new clients January 1st!  Be on the look out for updates on my Facebook page to ensure you get a spot for some l&b design for 2013!

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