Tuesday, May 8, 2012

new schtuff from moi :)

gahhh!!  i have been so crazy busy over here.  i love being busy.  if it weren't for the constant flow of orders, i would be bored out of my mind, so thank you customers ;)  i went on a material shopping spree over the weekend, thanks to the assistance of nicki manaj in my dream (yes, i had a dream that involved a boutique full of fabrics and laces, with nicki manaj helping me shop).  not to mention, new packaging coming your way!  nothing too fancy to keep my shipping costs down, but it's prettier then the average :)  have you noticed the pretty smell coming from your orders?  i am changing that up too!  with all of that comes new pieces! yay :)

ew, can you say smiley face anonymous?  i need to stop all that!

so, since i am on the funky color side of the spectrum, i still feel the need to cater to my customer's style.   so i have created the l&b organics line for y'all.  i get that you like to use pure, soft, and subtle pieces in your sessions.  i added a few halos to the line last night, and there will be more pieces added as the beautiful materials arrive.  newbie bonnets, jersey beanies, headbands, and teeny tiny bracelets.  these pieces will not be one of a kind pieces like most of l&b, but there will be enough of a selection to pick from that i am okay with having a 'line', so to speak.  i can't wait!

after tons of requests, i started carrying newborn wraps!  they are selling great.  watch for sets including coordinating headbands and beanies.  i'm making your life easier, i tell ya! oh, and your newborn set up completely adorable.

there will be more of the little miss muffet bonnets soon, i promise!!!  this month i am sponsoring 2 workshops.  one with the fabulous blue dandelion photography and the other with lovely jessica vaughn photography.  they are both amazing and i cannot wait to see the images they create using l&b!  i have been extra busy creating orders to send them, which actually i will be completing this week to send out!  then there will be more bonnets of them added to the shop.   

i love my camera, and of course this darling. miss annabelle wearing a little miss muffet bonnet.

june is going to be even crazier!  we have family coming in town, and then we are packing and heading back home for a whole 2 weeks.  i don't know why i still call indiana 'home'.  i need to get past that we have moved, and we have a 'new home' now.  i love north carolina, but i have these little moments every.single.day.  i am still not grasping the huge change that happened 4 months ago.  anyways, that's a whole other blog past that happens to be drafted right now, haha!   my shop will be slow in the month of june, BUT i have availability for blog customization starting june 1st (may is full).  if you are interested in having your blog customized because you need a fresh look, or you want it to match everything you have going on now i am charging an introductory price that includes everything you need.  maybe you don't even have a blog?  then, let's talk cause you need one!  inquire here.  

so yes, that is all for now.  cheerio!


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