Tuesday, May 29, 2012

laynie and belle {designs}

i know what your thinking...and your correct.  my mind doesn't turn off.  it is non-stop, chocked full of things to create.  i am so excited to add a design element to laynie and belle!  i'm building my portfolio at the moment, and i will start integrating a design site WITHIN the laynie and belle site in the next month or so.  right now i am working with vanessa of vanessa wedrychowicz photography, and we just completed her design palette yesterday!  i wanted to share it, as i am sure the photographers waiting in line to hear from me with their palette would love to see it as well!  this palette is made up of all the elements that will be incorporated into her branding, website, and blog!  so,here is a sneak of what's to come.....


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